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Marketing tip #1: Out with the old. In with the new.

Since the digital era is booming, you need to know what works today and the marketing landscape changes rapidly. Surely everything is online now, from advertising and marketing your products and services to targeting your niche market and creating the eligible ambassador for your brand has been easy to spot on because of the different platforms in social media.

Marketing tip #2: Content Marketing for Business

Creating a website, online shops and blogs, social media platform, emails, podcast, newsletters, vlogging for businesses has been a trend ever since the internet was introduced to this day. Content Marketing works as long as the material you produce is of great quality. Content Marketing can successfully be used to market any type of business and it is unbeatable when it comes to attracting new clients, sales leads, inquiries and subscribers.

Marketing tip #3: Email Marketing

Creating email subscriptions is a great way to target your market. One, because when they are subscribed to you, it means they really want what you are offering. Sending them updates of your latest product and services, schedule of events, and so on to keep them in the know. This is extremely cost effective and the most powerful marketing tool available.

Marketing tip #4: Build a Well-Connected Network

The reality is that the size of your network is not what’s important.  It’s the influence of the people within your network that counts. The best networkers have discovered out that the way to get connected to the right people, is to deliberately target them, not just attending to some business events you will only be wasting your time. The trick is to target true fans not just followers. The people who will really support and love your business.

Marketing tip 5: Internet marketing – Start taking your website seriously

Website is capable of being a 24/7, lead generating or sales machine. Your website can generate high quality enquiries, leads, phone calls and sales from interested prospective clients… so long as you do it right. Everyone now uses the internet to check out a potential service provider. The vast majority nowadays always checks out the business provider’s website. That includes the people you market your services to. Websites are a unique marketing in one important aspect: it alone has the power to lead you to your potential loyal customers. The content and quality of your website has to encourage your customers to see what you can offer them and trust you in a wholly in a professional plight. A professional looking and optimized website is highly recommended. This is the reason why you have to start taking your websites seriously.

Marketing tip #6: Match your fees to your promises

One common mistake that businesses do is misleading them with their marketing promises with a high quality service, BUT they charge a bargain-basement fee. By doing this, they send a mixed message to prospective clients, which loses theme businesses. High quality never comes cheap, or unreasonably affordable as this creates skepticism. Create services that are of quality and charge them accordingly. Not only will they pay for the quality, always remember that they are buying an experience when purchasing your products and services. People who experience different kind of feeling when they buy your products or services will come a long way and will surely be talked about.

Marketing tip #7: Attraction Marketing

Aesthetics is the key, most especially we are now living in an “Instagram” and “Facebook” world. The main ingredient is how your social media, websites look like following a theme that is consistent for your sites. This is the way to catch their attention. Attracting them will make for potential customers. This can generate sales as well, and another way to be talked about and check you out. Attracting them rather than pursuing them is the culture of today’s businesses.

Marketing tip #8: Do some competitor research

You need to know what is unique and what your other competitors are selling, this way, you will be able to gauge what unique services you can offer, by their price range and offers. The key is to find out what you’re up against and beat it by adding massive value and services.

Marketing tip #9: Joint Ventures and Collaborations

The key to collaborations or joint ventures success is to find a non-conflicting products or services, someone credible to the exact same personal and business profile as you do. So if you are selling services that caters to the retail industry and you partner with a stall owner, then voila, you just hit the spot! This way, they can help you market by including you in their mailing list, flyers and any marketing platform they use. Also, you can do the same for them.

Marketing tip #10: Endorsed Relationships

This is somewhat similar to joint ventures, only this time, a full support of including you in all their marketing platforms. One that will help you grow more of potential clients. This is marketing gold dust. They will write your clients and give you full endorsement. This is one of the most powerful tools in marketing.

Marketing tip #11: Do not mistake movement for progress

Common mistake for marketing is when they work hard for the content and publishing the said advertisement in a wrong section, this will only go to waste. If you find yourself working hard on your marketing and NOT getting the sales results you want, STOP!  Make sure you are doing the right things, then ensure you are doing them correctly.  If you are not already doing any of the above marketing activities – give them a go because we already know they work extremely well.  That’s a great place to start.

Marketing tip #12: Hustle! Do all the work

There are no shortcuts to a leading successful business. Everything should be on a step by step basis. A combination of working hard and working smart will take you places. If you find the most direct, effective route from where you are and want to be, decide what you want to achieve, strategize and invest time and reap the rewards.

Marketing tip #13: The Power of Curiosity

Clients are curious of your products and services that is why they inquire, inquiries often lead to a client. Give basic information, and still make them curious about your products, the more curious and intrigued they get, the more clients you attract. It’s the secret of building curiosity and an extremely valuable marketing opportunity.

Marketing tip #14: Focus on dissatisfied customers

Seeking out dissatisfied clients than disinterested clients will lead to potential clients. Recreate awareness of your service and then make them curious, not pursuing them. The most effective way to increase sales is to focus on people, who are dissatisfied with their current provider. When someone isn’t happy with their current provider, they’re actively interested in switching to a new provider. They are highly motivated buyers; the exact people you should be targeting with your marketing!

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