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Technological Trends in 2017 which are good to Invest

The tech industry has been a promising start up for business as this grows endlessly, year after year, month per month, and on a daily basis. It has exponentially grown over time and is now picking up in Asia like never before.

From online banking/wallets, security/passwords, online shopping, social media, gaming, automotive, everything is on the interwebs. Everything is within reach – all these sites are used for marketing, advertising, engaging and is very cost-effective.

Here are the lists of the latest trends tech that you would want to invest in this 2017:

1.Social Media

There is a lot of influence now running on social media. The marketing data and analytics through this portal has been said to get higher percentage generating its potential and into becoming loyal customers/supporters. Added features of social media such as live streaming has been also a great news source.

2.Enterprise Software Renaissance

Used in large organizations considered to be an essential part of computer-based information system. Say goodbye to manual and hello to these savvy machines that provide business-oriented tools such as online payment processing and automated billing systems, etc. Improves employee productivity as well.


An online educating-based website has been of help to collect information of what we want to know. A very user-friendly and affordable way to learn, all we need is an internet connection and has access all over the world, even in the parts where education is lacking. The growth of this trend can become bigger in the coming years.

4.Mobile-Savvy Generation

It is undeniable that we all have access to the internet through our mobile phones and investors are seeing this in a grandeur of making this happen quickly and easily. The dynamics are from the on-demand screen location to building 3D maps for navigation to locating nearby restaurants and gas stations to context and awareness. The consumers are hyped about all this and can engage more of them to your business.

5.Tech-advanced Reactive Medicine

The use of technology and medicine will be a great area of funding attention in the coming years. Nanobots, lab-generated and 3D printed organs. Treatments in asthma, diabetes, and other chronic diseases will become more affordable and available. The start of medicinal treatment revolution.


The success of gaming these days such as PokemonGo reached its global phenomenon since it’s launched. The creative and content for gaming has been invested not only by tech companies but also to the creative companies. The content creation will continue to boom in next year for more engaging and fun activities.


Automation is on the verge of playing meaningful roles in our lives, replacing unskilled labor jobs that do not require human intelligence. Robots have been coming on in the workspace and their importance to help jobs easier working from several departments such as transportation, security, healthcare, factory work, data entry, automated driving – both cabs and long-haul trucking. It has been said that half of manual labor jobs will be substituted in the coming years.

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