Welcome to CEB Website Gallery. This page displays our collection of images of the events joined by members of the CEB community. We aimed to show everyone what we are doing, and of course take a glimpse of the activities you would want to join in the future.

CEB community has been tagged to have the greatest events for the, business starters, top entrepreneurs and action-takers in the world to link, share thoughts and opinions regarding their business experiences, and help take each other to the next level of their chosen industry. Each of our CEB members have believed in themselves enough to get to where they are, and they are not stopping now.

With our massive knowledge and experience in this industry with global connections, we offer a helping hand to entrepreneurs of every level from start-ups, funding, marketing, pitching, PR and general business strategies, small to medium, enterprise to large corporations. We smear our proficiency to mold every entrepreneur’s needs towards a successful business, may it be locally or globally. It’s our great passion to pursue defining the culture of entrepreneurs of today.

Skyrocket your business with inspirations we share in this page…powerful events joined by men and women entrepreneurs who have found the courage to follow their dreams and build their life-long dreamed businesses with perseverance, determination and grit!


CEB organization organizes and hosts regular events in partnership with other think-tanks and organizations, including seminars, symposiums, conferences and round-table discussions.

Participants in CEB organization activities include top business experts and entrepreneurial academics, as well as progressive, yet ordinary individuals, and decision-makers from across Malaysia, Singapore, and the rest of the universe.

Find everything you need to plan your next event in CEB community. We offer wide array of activities for our members once you decided to join us by signing up. From travel options, visas and disabled accessibility to a selection of great team building activities and venues around the country.

Get all information you need here, along with the contacts to make your event a success! Feel free to browse what we have in our site!

Here are the following previous EVENTS that we held .


“CEO, Entrepreneurs & Bosses Meetup! (9/12/2016 Event)”

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