CEB Organization Mentorship

The CEB Organization mentorship encourages a harmonious relationship between high-level leadership and personal growth within a specific period of time. Mentees and mentors work hand in hand in a dynamic way. Mentees task is to impart knowledge towards a goal and to institute personal responsibility. Mentors encourage them through high-end education and commitment.

Here is how our Mentorship works;

The CEB Organization Mentorship brings together entrepreneurial efforts of mentees and mentors across social gatherings, lectures and collaborations.

One on one for one to three hours of lecture monthly to work towards quantifiable and achievable goals. CEB will help assist the petition process, and kick off pairs at a launch event. Together it will be a powerful force of entrepreneurs of today. After a year of learning and endless lectures, the relationship ends with a celebration of accomplishments. Guided by our mentors to check in with the progress. And from there, mentees drive the relationship to global connection as well.

We grow together . Spread our success